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Correct RX Pharmacy Services has been awarded a contract with Purchasing Solutions Alliance for pharmaceuticals and related products and services.

PSA Contract No. 16-206 Pharmaceuticals and Related Products and Services


Purchasing Solutions Alliance (PSA) is pleased to announce Correct Rx Pharmacy Services, Inc., a nationwide provider of institutional clinical pharmacy services, has been awarded Contract No. 16-206 for Pharmaceuticals and Related Products and Services. The contract is intended for use by Correctional Facilities, such as city or county jails, or state correctional facilities.

“Correct Rx is well-known in the industry for their commitment to improving outcomes and reducing cost,” said Susan Lightfoot, Program Manager of Purchasing Solutions Alliance. “After seeing the dramatic rise in pharmaceutical costs to correctional facilities over the past few years, we worked hard to find a solution to help alleviate that extra burden. Correct Rx provides an excellent option to reduce overall medical costs for a facility and improve overall patient care.”

“Correct Rx’s primary focus is to provide PSA End Users with a holistic pharmaceutical services program that reduces the pharmaceutical expenditure and overall healthcare spend,” said Ellen H. Yankellow, President & CEO. “We know that this is accomplished through operational efficiency, strict program management and most importantly through innovative clinical programs that achieve better patient outcomes.”

Correct Rx offers a comprehensive pharmacy service designed to provide real Game-Changing solutions that produce undeniable value for the individual needs of their clients. In addition to accurate and timely medication fulfillment, Correct Rx features a comprehensive Quality Assurance program, professional management services, the best clinical programs, and easy access to their web-based dashboard reporting system.

Key features of the contract include:

  • Actual Acquisition Pricing: Pharmaceuticals are priced based on Actual Acquisition Cost (AAC) plus a Dispensing Fee based on the Average Daily Population for the total of all facilities under a member contract.
  • Next-Day Delivery: Correct Rx’s strategic location next to the BWI/Marshall Airport allows for next day delivery of medications to all 50 states. Correct Rx proposes SAME DAY delivery for select facilities within a 200-mile radius of their Hanover, Maryland pharmacy.
  • Medication Barcode Check-In System: Correct Rx has an easy to use web-based barcode scanning system that improves both efficiency and accountability when checking in medications.
  • Customized Quantities: Correct Rx does not automatically dispense a 30-day supply of medication and can customize the quantity to meet the needs of the End User.
  • Return Policy: Correct Rx allows for the return of most medications permitted by law on both full and partial blister cards. Correct Rx assumes the shipping cost of returned medications and does not assess a restocking fee.
  • Quarterly Pharmacy and Therapeutics Meetings: Correct Rx participates in quarterly Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) meetings to review the formulary and nonformulary usage, drug costs, provider prescribing practices, drug utilization review, educational information, and other relevant topics to pharmacy operations.
  • Formulary Management: A Correct Rx clinical pharmacist works closely with the Medical Director and Health Services Team to create and maintain a formulary that provides significant cost savings and improved patient outcomes. Correct Rx adapted its formulary management principles from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, NCCHC and ACA.
  • Reports: Correct Rx provides monthly reports and billing individualized to meet a facility’s specific needs. End Users also have access to Correct Rx’s proprietary web-based Dashboard Reporting System allowing instantaneous access to essential real-time utilization data and pricing.
  • Training Systems: Correct Rx offers training through onsite in-person training, teleconference, web conferencing, reference guide handbooks, formal policy and procedure manuals, and online comprehensive video training that can be viewed in its entirety or by the specific topic of need.

About Correct Rx

Correct Rx was established as a Maryland corporation in 2003 and has experienced steady growth year over year. We are a full-service pharmacy available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing accurate and timely dispensing and delivery and personalized billing services.  Headquartered in Maryland, between Baltimore and Washington, we have experience servicing more than 200,000 patients in 42 states in correctional and juvenile facilities, residential treatment programs, and senior care facilities. We are appropriately licensed and available to provide services in all 50 States. Our business model is based on providing our clients with a welcome blend of operational efficiency, cutting edge clinical programs, and cost savings. For more information, visit or call 1-443-557-0775.

Correct RX

Contract Term

1-1-2017 – 12/31/2019.
Initial 3 year term through 12/31/2019 with two optional annual extensions through 12/31/2021.

Currently extended through 12/31/2021.

Contact Information

David Kuper
Corporate Sales Manager

Contract Documents

Correct Rx Contract Pricing

PSA RFP 16-206

RFP 16-206 Advertisement: Newspaper

Correct Rx Award Letter

Contract 16-206 PSA-Correct Rx

Contract 16-206 Amendment 1: Texas House Bill 89

Contract 16-206 Extension to 12-31-2020

Contract 16-206  Extension to 12-31-2021

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