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Promotional Products - HALO

Purchasing Solutions Alliance is proud to provide a contract with Halo Branded Solutions, offering promotional products.

PSA Contract 24-202-HLO Halo Branded Solutions: Promotional Products

    Purchasing Solutions Alliance (PSA) is pleased to announce Halo Branded Solutions has been awarded Contract No. 24-202-HLO for Promotional Products. The contract is intended for use by municipalities, county agencies, schools, higher education, churches and most non- profit organizations. Eligible agencies can execute an Interlocal Purchasing Agreement with PSA to utilize this competitively procured contract. Membership with PSA is available at no cost.

    “We selected Halo Branded Solutions for their range and quality of products,” said Susan Lightfoot, Program Manager of Purchasing Solutions Alliance. “PSA members now have an excellent vendor to turn to for their promotional items, all in a cooperative contract, saving not only item costs but also procurement costs.”

    Key features of the contract include:

    • Branded Merchandise: HALO provides the perfect product canvas to showcase your brand. We are committed to delivering safe, responsibly sourced products with the best pricing and service. We value the brand integrity of our clients, and our team will act as guardians of your brand with strict adherence to your identity standards and style guidelines on all media that we produce.
    • HALO Recognition:  In addition to providing your promotional products, HALO can service your awards and recognition needs. HALO Recognition sells over $80 million in this category to many Fortune 500 clients. We can help you recognize, engage, and motivate your employees through our 7 unique turnkey programs designed to create consistency across all of your locations and put the management of awards systems onto our plate.
    • Corporate Apparel/Uniform Programs:  HALO corporate apparel/uniform programs are designed to bring the best out of your team. These programs are designed to inspire teamwork, focus and a strong sense of service to the customer. We've spent years developing a truly custom uniform program that helps define your workforce. Since we do not provide an "off the rack" solution, your team has complete creative freedom designing uniforms so that they're completely tailored to your specific needs.
    • Online Stores:   Our online store capabilities are powered by a sophisticated technology engine supported by our in-house development team. Our expert in-house support teams include implementation, merchandising, marketing, customer service, order processing, and IT services. HALO e-commerce stores are supported by our state-of-the-art fulfillment warehouses that are fully integrated for real-time order tracking, 24-hour turn around on inventory items and domestic and international shipping.
    • Creative Services:   Our in-house creative team provides complete graphic and creative promotional support for our client's internal and external branding campaigns. HALO’s operational and marketing experts will work with you to develop a plan to keep your audience engaged with your web store with promotional schedules and site maintenance and reviews.
    • Kitting Projects:  HALO has several clients we provide kitting services for, across a wide range of kit types. Products range from new hire kits that include uniforms and accessories, to offering event kits for individuals participating in charity events. We are proficient in business-tobusiness as well as business-to-consumer kitting and can handle all of your needs.
    • Custom Product Development:  HALO has experience with custom product development. We will work with our clients from concept to creation to bring their promotional vision to life. However, our primary focus is not in developing the newest and trendiest products. Our innovation lies in identifying the perfect product for the clients’ needs through market, trend, and product research, and developing a strategy to deliver a one-of-a-kind promotional experience for their clients.

    About Halo Branded Solutions

    Founded in Sterling, Illinois in 1952, HALO Branded Solutions has Midwest roots with a global reach.

    • A dedicated 450+ corporate service team with decades of knowledge and experience
    • 900+ experienced and highly creative industry-leading Account Executives delivering fast and efficient service
    • Outstanding client relationships built on integrity, reliability, and professionalism
    • HALO dedicates funds and staff to support local charities in the markets we serve through our HALO Cares program Capabilities

    At HALO we focus on localized service with nationwide support. Our sales support structure and geographic coverage result in consistent service delivered to our large nationwide customer base.

    Purchasing Solutions Alliance

    The Purchasing Solutions Alliance (PSA) is a nationwide purchasing cooperative for public agencies. Cooperative Purchasing has the added benefit of saving you time and resources by relieving you of the burden of procurement documentation requirements, advertisement costs, and contract management.

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