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If you're interested in becoming a vendor, use the Vendor Registration button to start the competitive bidding process.

Vendor Information

PSA competitively bids and awards national, statewide, and regional cooperative contracts to vendors in accordance with purchasing procedures mandated by state and federal procurement laws and regulations.

We intend for contracted products and services to be available to all of our participating member agencies nationwide, if available.

In some cases, bids or proposals are conducted for end users throughout the state of Texas, or particular procurements may only be applicable to various end users of the Brazos Valley Region depending on the need of the contract. We generally seek to establish contracts with the involvement and commitment of senior levels of management within any company wishing to do business with us and/or be a contracted vendor of the PSA cooperative purchasing program.

Vendor Registration:

PSA uses an electronic bidding management system offered by ProcureNow to notify and distribute solicitations (RFP’s/RFB’s/RFQ’s/RFI’s, etc.) to potential bidders and receive solicitation proposals by electronic format for various products and services.

All vendors that would like to receive bid or proposal opportunities from PSA are highly encouraged to register with ProcureNow, which is provided at NO COST to the vendor.  Remember, as a registered user you will also have access to respond to bids electronically.  In addition, by registering with ProcureNow you will have access to bidding opportunities from other public sector agencies, if you choose.

Vendor Registration

  NOTICE:  Providing information and completing the online registration form does not automatically qualify your company for the PSA program. Vendors must first be awarded a PSA cooperative contract through the formal competitive procurement process. If you have any questions, email

Purchasing Solutions Alliance

The Purchasing Solutions Alliance (PSA) is a nationwide purchasing cooperative for public agencies. Cooperative Purchasing has the added benefit of saving you time and resources by relieving you of the burden of procurement documentation requirements, advertisement costs, and contract management.

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