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Printers, Copiers and Multifunction Devices

Ubeo Business Services is a provider of printers, copiers, and multifunction devices in the Brazos Valley. Ubeo can help you asses your business and technology needs.

Contract 22-204 Printers, Copiers, and Multifunction Devices


Full array of business technology solutions including assessment and analysis of business technology needs; purchase, lease and rental of multi-function devices (24, 36, 48 and 60 months); digital copiers and printers; full service maintenance agreements; electronic document management solutions; overflow document management services; workflow applications; fax routing and electronic scanning; and print-on-demand services.

EDGAR Compliance

The Ubeo contract 22-204 is EDGAR compliant.

Orders & Pricing

Orders are placed directly with Ubeo locations, referencing the PSA Contract No. 22-204.

Consists of competitive discounts from MSRP resulting in immediate cost savings opportunities; and highly negotiated pricing on maintenance agreements inclusive of all diagnostic and repair services, replacement parts, toner, and other supplies. Contract pricing available upon request.

Delivery and Installation

All equipment delivered F.O.B. to the customer’s destination and includes:

  • Unwrap protective covering;
  • Assembly of all accessories;
  • Connection to correct AC outlet;
  • Power up equipment, and test functionality.

Networked Devices:

  • IT technician will install the device on customer’s network with approval from IT department;
  • IT technician will test all print, scan and fax functionality if so equipped;
  • IT technician will load correct printer drivers on one each platform; and
  • IT technician will leave Drivers and other CD’s with customer key operator.

Software Solutions:

All delivery and installation service for Software Solutions will be detailed in the Statement of Work for the specific application.

Equipment Moves and Re-locations

Equipment moves shall only be made by qualified Ubeo personnel.

Re-locations within the same floor and building will be performed at no charge one time during the term of the contract/lease.

All requests for re-locations shall be made through the local Ubeo Field Service Manager. Based upon a site survey of a new location, FSM will provide the customer with a quote for the moving charges.

Cost for re-locations will be calculated as follows:

  • The minimum charge will be $150;
  • Equipment segment;
  • Distance; and
  • Special or other unusual delivery conditions (Such as transporting equipment up steps, or flights of stairs).

Contract Term

Two-year initial term 6.1.2022 through 5.31.2024

Currently extended to 5.31.2025

Two optional one-year extensions remaining

Vendor Contact Info

Cindy Reese
Senior Manager, Vendor Relations
Phone: 602.690.9514

Ubeo is ready to assist with your business technology needs!
Contact a local Ubeo Account Executive by calling 1-888-201-8431.
Let the operator know what city you are calling from and they will connect you with Ubeo’s nearest office.

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